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Race Information

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Age Limit

Runners must have attained the age of 17 on race day. If the entrant is under 18 on the day of the race then parental consent will be required and their details will need to be completed on the entry form.

Arrival & Venue

The race HQ is Spelthorne Leisure Centre, Knowle Green, Staines, Middlesex, TW18 1AJ, only 100 yards from the start and finish. Click here for a map of the location of the race venue. Please consider the environment and where possible ‘GO GREEN’ by car sharing, cycling or using public transport

By car
Follow signs for Knowle Green from Staines Town Centre or the A308. Parking - There is LIMITED parking at Spelthorne Leisure Centre, at the Council Offices and down Burgess Way There will be marshalls at Knowle Green providing directions to parking. Please park as directed by Staines 10K Marshals.

By train
The nearest BR station is Staines in Gresham Road, a 5min walk to the leisure centre.

By bus
The 117 and 290 buses stop in Kingston Road at Knowle Green. Staines bus station is within 10 minutes walk of the race HQ.


Please leave your possessions in your vehicle. Limited baggage will be available for those arriving by public transport, foot or bicycle. Baggage storage facilities are available at Race HQ, in the Leisure Centre. The organisers cannot accept responsibility for security and advise that competitors do not leave valuables in their bags.

Changing and Toilets

Spelthorne Leisure Centre allows free access to all competitors for toilets, changing, and showers. Entrants are also entitled to a free swim. Refreshments are also available in the centre.

Chip Timing

For 2022 your race number contains a timing strip which will record your time. There is no need to collect a timing chip on arrival.

There will be two times recorded for each runner. The first is what is called the Gun Time. It's the official race time and is the time that the runner takes to complete the course from the time the gun was fired. Of course if you take say thirty seconds to cross the line this additional time is part of your race time. The second is the Chip Time (or Chip to Chip Time as it’s sometimes referred to). This is the time that the runner actually takes from the time they crossed the start line (even if they took thirty seconds to do so from when the gun was fired) to the time they crossed the finish line. However, this time has no relevance to the results whatsoever and is used for information purposes only.

As far as the rules of athletics are concerned the Gun Time is the important time, and this is what the results and prizes are based on, otherwise the race becomes a time trail where the winner need not be the first person to cross the finish line.


The course has been accurately measured and has a certificate of course accuracy (22/057). It is a flat, one-lap course over public roads, with a small inner loop of 1.5k at the 2.5 k point. All road crossings will be marshalled and there are no right turns on the route.

No dogs, accompanying vehicles or cycles are allowed on the course. We regret the course is not suitable for wheelchairs, prams or pushchairs. The course will be marked at each kilometre. Please be aware that potholes have appeared in various places on the course. Where possible these have been highlighted with bright paint. Please take extra care this year.

Click here for a map of the course

Course Records:

Men: Blake Moore 30:06 (2022)

Women: Tish Jones 34:28 (2013)


Entries for this years event are now closed.

If you wish to transfer your entry please refer to the section below, Transfer of Entry.


The finish is on the footway in Knowle Green opposite the Council Offices. Follow the instructions of the race officials at the finish. Do not let non-competing friends or relatives run with you. This is especially important in the finish area as extra non-numbered runners coming through the finish line and exit funnels can affect the results. Make sure that your race number is displayed vertically and not folded when finishing.

The timing strip attached to your race number will record your race time as you cross the line. Make certain that you run over the matting in the finish funnel, this will ensure that your chip is registered. Once you have crossed the finish line, don't stop, keep moving to the end of the funnels; stay in the exact order in which you have finished. Please don't get ahead of anyone in the finish funnels. This is very important for accurate timing and placing. If someone gets in front of you, politely ask them to go back, they may not only get your hard earned place and time, but may distort the race positions for everyone.

On completion of the race, runners are to make their way to the Leisure Centre, to collect their commemorative T-Shirt and finisher's medal.

First Aid

First Aiders will provide medical support on the course if necessary and at the finish. We will be provided with a mobile treatment unit. Please add any relevant medical details on the reverse of your race number.

Future Events

Runnymede Runners Relays

Saturday 2 July 2022, is the provisional date for the Runnymede Runners Relays in the grounds of Windsor Park, for mixed teams of 6 runners. Visit for more information.

Laleham Park Run Route

Fancy a training run? Try the Laleham Park Run Route. The route is 5km in length which is comprised of two 2.5km laps. The distance is based on running around the circumference of the park and is marked using discs mounted on wooden posts which have been funded by Run England. Click here for more information.

Medical Conditions

If you have a medical condition that will need consideration should you be taken ill, during the race, please inform the race official at Information - Race HQ AND write the details on the back of your race number. If you feel unwell before the race, or have not been well for a few days prior to the event, please do not start; remember there is always another year and another race.

Personal Stereos

The use of Personal Stereos, MP3 players and IPods are PROHIBITED during the race. If you usually use these devices for training – think again about entering this event. The roads are not closed to traffic – it is imperative that you are able to listen to the Marshalls' directions.


There is no official race photography although the organisers have arranged for photos to be taken by Laleham Camera Club. Photographers will be at various places around the course and at the prize-giving. These may be used in future publicity material. Please inform Race HQ on the day if you do not wish have any photos of yourself used in our publicity.

Post Race

On completion of the race, runners are to make their way to the Leisure Centre, to collect their commemorative T-Shirt and finisher's medal.

Runners will be able to use the shower and changing facilities at the Leisure Centre, and can also get a free swim by showing their race number to the reception staff.

The Prize giving ceremony will take place as soon as possible after the race. There are a number of Spot prizes so all participants are encouraged to attend. If you think you may have 'placed' in a category please stay to receive your award.

Prize Giving

Prize giving will take place in the Leisure Centre, as soon as possible after the race. All competitors who finish the race will receive a race memento.

Individual prizewinners will qualify for one prize only.

The ‘higher prize’ will be given if a competitor wins more than one category, e.g. a vet 40 man who wins the race would get 1st male prize and the next vet 40 man would get the 1st men’s vet prize. If you think that you have won something please stay to collect it. It makes the event more enjoyable and adds to the expense of the race if we have to send prizes on.

All results and information will be posted on the Staines 10k web site.

Prize List
Open Men
Veteran Men
Veteran Men
Veteran Men
Open Women
Veteran Women
Veteran Women
Veteran Women
Men's Team
Women's Team
Various spot prizes
40-49 yrs
50-59 yrs
60+ yrs
35-44 yrs
45-54 yrs
55+ yrs
Open (4 to score)
Open (4 to score)
Places 1-3
Places 1-3
Places 1-3
Places 1-3
Places 1-3
Places 1-3
Places 1-3
Places 1-3
First place
First place

Race Discipline

The route runs on public roads. Keep to the left of the road or on the pavement during the race, take care when overtaking and make way for faster runners. If you need to stop or walk for any reason, please move to the side of the road, so as not to impede other runners. Instructions issued by the Police or Race Marshals, who will be wearing fluorescent yellow bibs, MUST be obeyed. They will advise you of any hazards. UK Athletics rules recognise the hazard of using personal music systems with headphones or earphones and prohibit their use in road races. Please restrict their use to your training runs.

Any athlete not complying with these rules is liable to disqualification. The Race Referee's decision is final at all times. This advice is for your own safety and that of other road users. Without your co-operation it is not possible to hold a race on public roads.

Race Numbers

Your race number will have been posted to you prior to the event.

Please don't give your number to someone else without informing the organisers. This is a condition for entering the race and is extremely important especially in the event of illness or an accident during the event. It may also affect the results, and may mean someone getting a prize to which they aren't entitled. If you wish to transfer your entry contact the race entry administrator before the start of the race.

Pin your race number on the FRONT of your running vest or ‘T’ shirt, where it is most visible for race officials. If your number can’t be seen, you may not be given a time and it may confuse the results for everyone. Runners who do not have a properly displayed number or are identified as running under the wrong name will be liable to disqualification.

Please complete the form on the back of your number with your name, contact details and any medical condition. This will help in the event of an accident or illness.


The race will be held under UK Athletics Rules


All competitors should try to arrive by 8am to allow time for parking, warming up and lining up. The Start is in Knowle Green. The race will start promptly at 9am. Listen for the race marshals instructions to guide you to the start at the appropriate time.

It is vital that you are realistic about your anticipated finish time and line up in the appropriate place. Pace setters are available to assist with your target completion of the event. Slower runners should move to the back of the group. This will ensure maximum enjoyment for all entrants.

Please pay attention to the pre-race instructions. These are for the benefit of all runners, and will help guide you through the course and keep you safe. This advice is for your own safety and that of other road users

You must be certain to run over the matting at the start line to ensure that your chip is registered.

Team Entries

Team prizes will be awarded to the first Mens Team and the first Womens team. The first 4 Team members to finish score. A number of team names are pre-populated on the entry form. If you are thinking of entering a team and it does not appear, please complete the free text box with the correct spelling of your team so that points can be attributed correctly. For example "Staines Strollers" is different from "Staines Strollers Running Club".

Transfer of Entry

If you have an entry and you can no longer participate in the event you are permitted to transfer your race entry to another person on the proviso that this is completed officially via the race administrators. Contact If you cannot run and you do not have someone to transfer to, you can advertise your place by 'posting' on the Staines 10K Facebook page. There are plenty of disappointed runners who were unable to enter as the race sells out extremely quickly. Arrange to private message the transferee and then contact Sport Systems as above. Similarly, if you are looking for an entry, please post this and also monitor the facebook page. There have been a number of successful transfers using this method in the past.

UK Athletics

The event is run under UK Athletics competition rules and has attained the following Licence:


If you are affiliated to UKA you will be entitled to a discount on the entry fee. Please follow the correct link on the entry form. You will be required to enter your UKA Number and club name.

Water Station

A water station will be provided around the 5.5k point. There will also be drinks available at the finish. Staines 10K are pleased to announce that we are using fully bio-degradable cups. Please discard in the bins provided after use.


There will be pacers provided for 45,50, 55, 60, and 70 minutes. Please bear in mind that pacers are human and whilst they will endeavour to arrive at or just before their allotted times it is no guarantee. Pacers are asked to keep an even pace throughout the race.