Marshal Information

Firstly, a huge THANK YOU for volunteering. We hope you have an enjoyable event. We are so grateful that you are able to give up your time. Without your help the event could not go ahead and wouldn't be the success that it is. 

For 2024 we have 2 waves of marshals, the first arriving at Spelthorne Leisure Centre at 07:00 and the second arriving at 08:15. Your time of arrival can be found on your marshal email dated 03/05/2024.

Due to timings of the event and your availability you may have been requested to perform in more than one area. Whatever your role you will be asked to attend Spelthorne Leisure Centre to 'sign-in' with Jo and obtain a tabard and a lanyard. The lanyard will have some essential information including your location of 'duty' and Emergency contact numbers. Most importantly, it will entitle you to a free hot drink from the 'Cafe2U' van. If you are coming by car can we ask that you park in the car park in Burges Way. 

If for any particular reason you are unable to collect your tabard and lanyard from our Knowle Green HQ please please get in touch via (allowances can be made to deliver these prior to race day however our preference is to check everyone in and make sure you have your free hot drink!).

There are four broad areas of volunteer duties:

For those arriving at Spelthorne Leisure Centre for 7am the doors directly into the Spelthorne Leisure Centre should be open, they are the large blood doors to the side of the building. If they are not open on arrival they should be open imminently for you. On arrival please check in with Jo Roberts who will be within Sports Hall to give you your tabard, lanyard and role for the day.

Parking (Team Leader - Arun Gomes)

You will asking runners arriving by car to firstly use the Burgess Way car park, followed by the Council Offices and finally the Court/Probation car park at the top of Knowle Green.

Start/Finish (Team Leader - Ken Saunders)

You may be asked to help with setting up the finish area, marking out the finishing funnel, assisting our race timing administrators with the positioning of the matting. Shortly before the start you may be asked to encourage runners to go to the start area via the council offices. You may be asked to shepherd spectators to the side of the course. After the race you may be snipping the timing tags from the runners shoes. You may be asked to hand out drinks of water to the finishers. There may be the need to direct runners to the medical practitioners. The finishers will also need to be directed to the Sports Hall to receive their commerative medal and sought after technical T-Shirt.

Course (Team Leader - Jo Roberts)

Your lanyard will have the location where we would like you to be placed on the course. It may be useful to download the What3Words app on to your phone as this can be useful should you need to direct our medical team to your exact location. 

You will have the important role of keeping the runners safe. You are NOT expected to direct traffic BUT in the interests of safety you may stop runners if they are in danger. If you spot a hazard please warn approaching runners. Emergency numbers have been provided on your lanyard, for incidents requiring medical attention please use the medical emergency number first. For general enquiries you can contact Jo the Marshal Co-ordinator or Robin the Race Director.

Some marshals will have 2 marshal posts. Please wait until the sweeper has passed you or you have been relieved by another marshal before leaving your post.

Race HQ (Team Leader - Richard Peacock)

The main task will be to hand out the race packs to the runners. The race packs will be supplied in Surname order and contain their race number and shoe timing chip. You will be allocated a desk labelled with letters, e.g. A-D, E-G etc. Runners will be encouraged to line up to the desk corresponding with their surname. The runner should then produce their entry confirmation email and you will hand them their race pack. You may also be asked to assist with putting up signs in the Sports Hall.

After the race, the runners will return to the sports hall and you may be asked to hand them their finishers medal or commemorative technical T-Shirt. They will need to show you their race number in order to receive a T-Shirt. Once they have been handed their T-Shirt you will mark their race number with a marker pen. No runner with a mark on their number will be provided with a T-Shirt.

You may be required to direct runners to the toilets, showers, baggage drop, warm up/down massage. Checks on paper towels and toilet paper in both toilets and subsequently, liaison with the Leisure Centre staff to replenish stock may be required. In certain circumstances you may be required to request medical practitioners to attend any runners in need.

Course Positions:

You will be provided with your course position on race day. All course positions can be found on the following map: